Would i look good as a blond?

im always changing my hair color i like different i wanna try playboy bunny blond but idk if i would look good at least ok with it that color lol i have brown eyes like carmel brown an my natural hair colors dark brown. same with my eye brows

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Blond wouldn't look bad on you bit I'm more concerned with if you will be able to pull all that dark out while keeping the hair in good health. I would recommend to begin removing the color stain slowly. Apply remover and leave in for required time, rinse, dry, then examine the integrity and if it is ok repeat the process. If not, apply a hydrating and repairing mask to nurture to health, go in for a trim and do not proceed until the hair is back to healthy. My guess is that it will take a few processes so be prepared! A good way to test the hair for integrity is to grab a single strand with both hands and stretch it away from itself slightly pulling on both ends. If it snaps, your hair no longer contains elasticity and cannot withstand any more chemical procedures. Good luck! Ps. I think you are much better off leaving this one to a trained professional as it can get pretty complex.
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I think the white "Playboy Bunny" blonde will be too blonde for you. I think a deep golden blonde would be better with your coloring. Try the "Makeover" tool and try on different shades of blonde.....forward the pictures back to us and we can help you decide!
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