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Would i be able to rock an a-line style cut?

My hair is currently just past my underarms and although I've been trying to grow it out, I've also been thinking about refreshing my style to something more.. fun and sassy.
I've dreamed of doing a collar bone length A-line since high school and I think It's finally time to branch out of my comfort zone and go for it!
Alas, I have a very square face! So I don't want to have it done wrong and regret it.
Which style of bangs would be appropriate for my face shape along with the style I want and how do I pick the right salon/hairstylist to go to?
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Omg! I think that would look absolutely fabulous on you!!! The key here is collar bone length! A longer version of this will really help to add softness to your facial features. As for the length of the bangs go, Id go for a severely angled side swept bang to add drama and balance out the longer a-line length. Make sure to angle the fronts forward and really stack the back up for added head contour. I would suggest looking up haircutting specialist in your area on and reading reviews. You also want to make sure to see pictures of your stylist work before proceeding with the cut. Remember that there are some professionals that specialize in long and other that in short. Have a long consultation before any cutting is done to really get an mutual understanding of the target cut. You can even schedule just a consult then make a separate appointment for the actual cut so you don't feel obligated and have time to do more research. If at any time you feel uncomfortable during the consult, do not go with this stylist. You want to make sure to feel %1000 percent confidant that they will excite the right style for you. I would invest a little bit more for the initial cut then once you have the foundation you can have someone else keep it up for you. However, if you stylist does a great time the first time around, I would stick with her rather than take chances on your appearance! Make sure to post after pics. I cant wait to see your amazing new transformation!!!
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I think it would look really snazzy on you:
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If you want shorter hair the best think you can do its get a fully fringe. Unless ofcourse you have any outstanding facial features you want to deflect such as a bump in your nose or a lazy eye. The best thing for you to do if you have them insecurities is to get a side or a side swept fringe. However do be cautious as I have cut my hair short many a time and regretted it so think hard about it. You could change the colour instead if you just want a change, or go ombre or dipdye.
- Jessica Ann Xx
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