Would copper hair work on dark hair?

On my profile picture, that is my normal hair color. I just do not know if the copper hair will come out like my makeover.......Planning on dying it at home by myself..
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I think it's a fun look...especially for the summer!
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your hair black is very beutiful. cobre not combined (:
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That looks good but get some highlights with it and it wouldnt hurt to go a littlle bit darker
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I would go a bit deeper than the picture but I think it will work for you! I agree with @BrianaEHernandez about some peek-a-boo highlights to start to make sure you like the color.
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Bleach would help.
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You can probably get pretty close to this tone if you use a medium chestnut brown. If you use a straight copper, you will end up too bright and unnatural. I would recommend starting with some peek-a-boo's or ombre to transition into the change once you are ready for a touch up, then you can go solid if you still want to. This will save your hair lots of unnecessary dryness and make the change much easier to become comfortable with.
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