Would a long layered hair cut, like ashley tisdale, miley cyrus, or ashlee simpson look good on me?

Getting a hair cut and cant decide what to get!
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Yes I think that would be a great look for you! Long layers to frame the face are nice and also having the over all layers could help with creating other fun looks too.
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This is a great cut could have it longer than hers but it would suit you very well!
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I think it would look great on you.
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I think face framing layers would really sculpt your face and look fantastic! Have the layers start at just below your cheek bones and have them continue down ward almost to the end. This will add depth and dimension to your hair while sculpting your face and higlighting you bone structure! Hope this helps!
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Absolutely. I think the face framing layers in those cuts will really flatter your face shape and give you a good amount of body. You can even wear a similar longer side band like these artists as well.
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Ashley ? she does have beautiful hair ! Here's some pictures of that amazing hairstyle ! or maybe Miley's !
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