Will it look nice if i dye my hair strawberry blonde from brown?

I dyed my hair brown on March and I want to dye it Strawberry Blonde. will it look good on me? and are there side effects if I dye my hair blonde?

oh and I'll go to a salon and let a professional dye my hair :)
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Because of your skin tone, I think strawberry blond would look great! Im not so sure of going blond however, I think it may blend in too well with your skin tone. As long as you stick to strawberry, you will be fine because of the added tones in that target shade. Since you are currently brown, I think letting a professional do it for you is the best idea. Once you have reached your target shade you can always maintain the virgin regrowth on your own. Make sure to post after pics!
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In the hands of a professional, this will turn out fine:)
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No, u are perfect! ;)
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