Me brown!

Will i suit blonde?

right well i have been wanting to go blonde from ages now but whenever i have i have just died it back brown because i couldn't be bovered to be patient and wait till its perfect but this time i think im definitely going to go blonde. but one thing i dont know whether i will suit it or not! i have pale skin and freckles with blue eyes? HELP i dont want to die it and ruin my hair for something im going to regret. also have any of you had the same problem as me? did it work out ok? PLEASE COMMENT!!! need advicee! -here is a picture of me, so it will be easier!
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No matter wat color u go, u will look great. Most fair skinned people can pull off any color as long as it's not black.
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Maybe like, a light blonde. Like this. (COLOR NOT STYLE)
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Taylor Momsen
I think blond would be suiting on you along as you are able to lift up to a pale blond. The lighter the blond the more it will neutralize your freckles as well as make your eyes REALLY stand out. I would leave this job to a professional as it can become a bit complex with your previous brown applications.
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maybe just not blonde blonde just a little
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Its going to take a while to get it all covered up and blonde, but once you do, it is such an easy coloring for the stylist. I go to the techs with stylist who are not even graduated and they never mess it up. WHen you are blonde you can just get your roots touched up every other month, which costs less and is easyier on your hair for damage.
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I think you could start with some golden blonde highlights. I do think that blonde would suit you.....I would do something where you keep some of your natural brown in.
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i think you would look lovely with blond hair! if your not sure why dont you try with having a fiew highlights (blond) and see how it look?
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There are all kinds of new options available in the hair coloring arena. I would suggest trying henna cream, made from plants and other natural ingredients. They have several really nice blonde shades, you could try. Henna doesn't damage the hair the way bleaches and other hair coloring does. It actually conditions the hair and improves the hair quality; while adding color. You can buy it on Amazon for about ten dollars. A brand I recommend: Surya Henna Cream
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blue eyes and pale skin looks best with blonde hair! However bleaching does damage your hair ;/ and if you have naturally dark hair it will take more than one dying to get the colour right! So yeahh i personally think your colour is perfect natural as it is, but if you want to change go for it, if you think its worth it... :)
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