Will dark red hair suit me ?

Will dark red hair suit me ?

I am really really white (and pink) , my original hair color is brown (hazel to be accurate) and my eyes are very dark brown , do you think a dark red hair color would suit me oh and im 14 ;)
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thx ^^ my mum and dad allowed me to do it so no worries i was just asking if it would suit me :D i am going to do it after 2 weeks ( coz i have finals now )
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You should be able to pull it off. But make sure it's a blue base or violet base. Also follow up to maintain with a shampoo and cond that is color safe.
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As long as it is a dark shade it should be ok. Going a medium to light red or even bright will really draw out the natural warmth in your skin tone and may not be as flattering.
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Can you post a picture? Sounds like it will look pretty....I would lean more towards a reddish brown though.
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If you're only 14, please talk this over with your mother. I dyed my hair when I was your age, and I ended up really upsetting my parents. I would also recommend looking into a henna cream color, which is made from plants and isn't damaging. You can find it at the healthfood store or Amazon. Another option, would be to go to a salon and ask for a red gloss, which would rinse out over a month. If you don't like the way it looks on you, you're not stuck with it.
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umm... to be honest most people with brown hair and dark brown eyes would keep it like that. but its also your life so do what ever you wont.:)
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I bet it will look beautiful on you.. If you disagree I think you should do just red not perm (:
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What shade of red are you thinking of going? And do you have a picture of yourself for reference? My friend has pale skin and rocks the red hair look pretty well...I definitely think it's do-able! :)
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