Will a medium blonde haircolor go with me?

I'm thinking about getting the top half of my hair like a golden beyonce blonde and the bottom half a deep dark red.Do you think it will suit me?If not what color will? Ive had platinum blonde highlights and it went quite well but I'm not sure if full color will look nice or be too dramatic.My skin tone is medium I'd say like giselle bundchen maybe a bit lighter.
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Thanks for the advice ladies!
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Yes , i think you'll look gorgous ! I love the curls in your hair , they're beautiful (:
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Yes I would say go for it. Try more of a warm tone but try to stay away from a color that may be brassy.
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I think it would look good. Make sure to tone to achieve more of a beige blond so that it doesn't end up too bright. Also, You may want to leave some pieces out in the top (in red or your current tone). This will help to add some dimension so that it doesn't appear too solid and overwhelming.
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I'm not picturing the golden blonde/dark red combo.....I can see you with Ombre, like Drew's hair in the photo attached. I think it would suit your coloring and look great on you!
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Have you tried the makeover section on this site?
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-QIpPaPbPTnY/TZ52reN2JII/AAAAAAAAAcE/mLHXep78ObM/s1600/jessica-alba-blonde-hair.jpg im thinkin something like this jessica alba blonde
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