why are my eyebrows so bushy?

Why are my eyebrows so bushy?

my eyebrows are really bushy :( they have been done before but it grows back really quick... what can i do?
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If you are not quite ready for them to be redone yet, I would trim them. This will not take care of any new growth coming back only tame the thickness and unruly ones. Using a brow brush comb everything straight upward toward your hairline then trim off all the excess following natural brow shape. Then, comb your brows straight down and do the same. Once you comb your brown back to they're natural shape, they will lay a lot less bushy. Repeat these steps in between tweezing, waxing or threading to reduce bulk. Make sure not to cut into your brow!
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Nothing sadly.Unless you want laser treatment but thats kinda expensive. I heard something about wax making hair grow back slower too.
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you must try some eyebrow gel available in all pharmacies and drugstores here are some :
essence s eyebrow and lash gel mascara
eyebrowz eyebrow gel
you can also see the picture of before and after application
i hope my answer help ya!
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before and after pics
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