Which hairstyle would suit me

I want to change my haristyle. My hairs are flat, how to bring volume to them?
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Here are some images of both the style and products I had in mind...
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Adding short layers throughout your length really helps to remove the weight from the ends and allows the hair to spring up a little more. Using styling products also helps. I really love the root boost that Big Sexy Hair makes as well as the volumizing gel. This line is ideal for added volume and still light enough to not leave behind any residue. As for your style, I would go with a medium length right at the shoulders and add lots of layers for added body. You could even add a few face framing layers connecting into a a faint bang section to help create softness.
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brown and u need to put ur self AS A HUGE MAKEOVER ILL DO IT IF U WANT
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How long is your hair?
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