Which hairstyle will suit me ?

Which hairstyle will suit me ?

Remember when i couldn't decide what to wear for the Masquerade party ? Thanks to you guys , I bought a blue short dress which i really like ! Now for hair .... HELP !
I have very fair complexion & an oval face . I have long , wavy brown hair with a fringe that reaches eye level ( i sweep it to the side). I really have NO IDEA what to do with it ! Letting it down like that would be a little too boring !
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I have hair just like that!
I would put in in a bun, not too high. Curl it, ans leave some of the bangs hanging. It looks easy but really cute. Add a haedband with sparkles on it or something.
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Adding any accessories to the hair would be great! You can add clips or a head band with some bling on it. Also another fun thing you could do for this party will be to add some glitter spray too!
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Something similar to the photo attached would look lovely!
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Try an elegant, but easy topknot. I've been seeing that on all of the celebrities lately.
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A high ponytail either sleek or curly would be a good party look. But also don't underestimate the value of pretty hair like you have. You can add to it with a playful headband or even a tiny tiara, since it's a party and all. ;)
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Use lots of sparkly barettes or a sparkly headband.
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For a mysterious masquerade, I would go for a detailed 'do. Implementing different types of unique braids, twists, curls and some left out pieces are great ways to really detail your style for the night while maintaining a romantic touch. Using accessories os also a very helpful method.
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I think u should curl ur hair first, use this tutorial after:

Hope it helped !!! xoxo
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