Which haircut suits my round face and large forehead?

my wedding is in 2 months and i want to get the best haricut for my medium short hair.
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Go for anything that takes th emphasis away fromte wide, middle poit of your fc, particularly if you hair is curly or wavy. You could try layers to add volume on top, or a style that comes sraight down below your chin and then flicks out, or a side parting, so that you can sweep one side of your hair behind your ear. Avoid any round-looking hairstyles, suasa short chunky bob, or a round chin-length style; these will only make your face look fatter. Also avoid centre partings; they tend to emphasis the width of your face.
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Typically, if you have a round face, you want to make your face appear longer and leaner and less round. To do this, create less volume around the face.
Try a hair style that falls just below the chin like the long bob. Soft, graduated layers are great also because they make your face appear more angular and tend to add shape from the sides. Try wispy hair to de-emphasize the roundness of your face. Bang hairstyles are flattering, but keep them long or side-swept.

I hope this helps and congratualtions on your wedding!:)
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This would look pretty on you. So you may need to get face-framing layers in the front or long side bangs.

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You are such a pretty girl you can really pull off any style. I would go for a more of a long layer as to not bring unwanted attention to your "round face shape" although I don't think it is too round. A nice side swept bang will also really help to hide your forehead while elongating your face shape and providing softness. Congratulations on your big day! Im sure you will look stunning regardless of how your cut your hair!
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if you dont like a round face the get layers (long ones) or just grow it.
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