Which hair colour suites me best

I am just not sure weather I should go darker or lighter in my hair colour, please help me.
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What do you think of my new look! was light, took advice and went darker
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Hair cut & colour
Because of the natural warmth in your skin I would go for more of a medium brown . You can still leave a few blond strands out for dimension and "pop" factor. Using the blond for more of a contrasting color rather than the base would really flatter your features while providing more contrast between your skin tone and hair. I know its a big change but it's sure to turn heads!
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Thank you so much for your answers, I had a feeling I should go darker, but I was not sure, now I know I will go darker.
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Your current color is washing out your skintone. I think a dark honey blonde would be very flattering on you & really bring out your eyes:
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