What's the difference between a curling iron and wand?

Lately, all I hear people talking about are curling wands. How is a curling wand different than a curling iron (besides the clamp)? Does it make your hair look different? I'm thinking about getting one because my sister had great waves the other day and she uses a wand...but I don't want to if I can get the same look with my curling iron.
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the curling wand doesn't have a clip. It's just a barrel. I have the karmin g3 clipless curling iron and it definitively works better than the conair curling iron I used to have
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The wand usually has a tapered end which makes the waves stay in better. A curling iron creates a more ringlet effect while a wand gives more of a wavy look. For hair textures that have a hard time holding a curl pattern, the tapered end of the wand will allow hair to keep a better curl without falling out so fast. Make sure to use the protective glove when using a wand as burning fingertips is a lot more likely than with a curling iron.
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You can get the same look with your iron, you just need to wrap the hair around it like you do the wand
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i dislike curling irons a lot because they never curl my hair....i think it doesnt curl my hair becuase of how thick my hair is and btw i just measured how thick my hair was and it was an inch and a half thick!!
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I have both but the wand gives more of a beachy wave look. I like it better than my curling iron because it gives more of a natural curled look. It's a bit hard to get used to, (I kept burning the tips of my fingers....make sure to use a glove)!! I have long hair so I bought a thicker wand and it's great!
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I have one of these and it's the best thing you can have to do different things with your hair. Check it out: www.instyler.com
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