Whats the best way to get hair to curl?

Whats the best way to get hair to curl?

I have straight hair and no matter what I do I just can't seem to get it to curl. when It does curl it only stays for about 30min no matter how much hair spray I put in it.
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Use a good curler and hairspray
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Adding massive amounts of hairspray wont necessarily make a difference. Instead, it would add weight to the hair making th ecru's fall out even faster. If you are that dead set on having some kind of a wave or curl pattern, I would go in for a body wave. This procedure is similar to a per except is performed with larger rods. The solution that this procedure requires helps to roughen up the hairs cuticle and create an imbedded "s" pattern in the hair that really helps to act as the foundation for longer lasting curls. You may even be able to wash and wear if your hair doesn't naturally frizz saving you lots of styling time! I would recommend going with a quarter to a fifty cent rod size. Anything smaller will shirring up too much and give you a more permed look. Also, make sure to have your stylist roll the rods in a vertical manner to reduce volume and shrinkage.
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Try a semi-permanent. My friend does that from time to time when she wants curl to stay in her hair.
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Use mousse beforehand. Let it dry. Then use: www.instyler.com
to create the curls.
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Same here =P
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Try using day-old hair. Sometimes if it's too clean, the curl won't keep.
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Funny thing is, up until recently I had the same problem. I had a curling iron, but it really didn't work for me. By the time I finished, the curls I had first started with had deflated into a frizzy mess. I recently discovered a new technique that's really easy and doesn't cost a cent. What you do is find an old rag in your house that you don't need anymore (obviously a clean one) and cut it into strips. You can make more or less strips depending on how many curls you want. You can use this technique with dry or lightly damp hair (just not too wet or your hair will dry). You take a strip of rag (or any other cloth for that matter), take a section of hair, and roll your hair around the rag. When you've finished wrapping, you tie the rag in a knot so it won't fall out. After you've finished rolling all the rags in your hair you can wait for your hair to dry, wait overnight, or just for a few hours. Finally you uncurl the rags, and you'll have plenty of beautiful curls! Just spray with a bit of hairspray (the longer you keep the rags in, the longer the curls will stay naturally) and style however you wish. This should last you most of the day! There are plenty of video tutorials online for this technique to help you! I hope this works for you! Enjoy!
Lynnette <3
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Try "wet setting" your hair. Put your hair into curlers or wrap it around a headband when damp and allow it to dry (preferably over night). My hair is sitck-straight and doesn't retain style either. This is also called cold setting. Look up videos with wet set or cold set curls or waves on youtube.
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