What's the best way to dye dark brown hair to blonde?

I have long, dark brown hair and have always wanted to try my hair blonde. I have tried blonde hairstyles on this makeover website but cant decide still. If i do dye my hair blonde, what would the best way to do it be? Also if i want to go back to my natural colour, how would that happen? Thankyou.
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I recently colored my hair to a more sandy color blonde which is more of my natural color but for the past few years I had been coloring my hair dark brown then to black so I was worried my hair would turn out orange! I went to a professional and instead of coloring my whole head which is more of a chance to bring out the warm colors like orange and red, she took many sections of my hair to bleach and highlight it. After getting half of my hair foiled you have to let it sit for about 20ish minutes under the dryer at the salon. It turned out great!
--Also, if you want to go back to your natural color after that process I would suggest waiting a month or so since that can be very damaging to your hair! But going back to a darker color is much easier! Professionals will know what to do :)
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You would have to strip the dark out which can end up a mess to the untrained eye. You are much better off leaving this one to a professional! Trust me when i tell you. You can create a bigger mess to fix and have to go to see a specialist anyway so you might as well save yourself a ton of $$$ and go to a salon to begin with. Remember, The more jacked up the correction is the more you are going to pay!
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Gradually is always the best way to do it to make sure your hair stays as healthy as possible! Perhaps once a month go two shades lighter, and at the hair dressers if you can afford it. Inbetween dyes make sure you look after it well - Morocan oil is the best for this :).
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