What's the best hairstyle for my wedding?

I like something similar to the 1920s look, something fun & sexy
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simple, natural but still sexy :) wish u all bets at wedding ! :)
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Here is a picture of Carrie Underwood; emulating a 1920's hairstyle with a modern twist:
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I really like the photo that @BrianaEHernandez posted for you.....very pretty and classy for your special day!
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Love the pictures! Thanks!
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Thank you so much for the reply. My hair just looks straight and fine in the picture but it's actually bra-length and a little wavy.
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these are between 20s and 30s
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Montana-Wedding-Photographer-Fashion-Styled-1930-Theme-Shoot (2)
These two are totally 1920s glam.
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1920s down
1920s updo
I absolutely love the 1920's era. I think all the hairstyles back then were so classic and elegant. You have such a great face for a style like this. I think it would look absolutely gorgeous! Finger waves were very big then so I would implement those. Not as plastered as they used to be, instead a little more loose and combed out for a softer effect. Bring your loose ends to a side bun to really give a polished and glam finish. This will not only look stunning but will also make it very easy to enjoy your big night without worrying about your hair getting in your way!
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Could you give us a better idea of the length of your hair? It appears to be fine straight texture.
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