What's the best hair style for me?

I have natural curly hair.
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I would suggest removing excess weight and bulk by adding a side swept bang beginning around the nose and connecting all the way down to the ends. As for the interior layers, I would start them about and inch higher than chin length. This will create cascading waves that really enhance your natural pattern giving you the perfect summer beach hairstyle!
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Layers! lots and lots of layers! also if you have thick hair I would even ask your Stylist to use some thinning sheers. It allows more movement and lightness to the hair. Along with make style time shorter!
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I would straighten it and cut layers in the front. It would look good wavy too.

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If you used some hair serums, you could style it real nice. I would change the bangs to make them a little thinner.
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You could try straightening it or curling it but don't do that too much or else it will damage your hair. If your do that it will make your hair not so floofy (a word that I completely made up :))
Other wise put it in a messy/fancy bun.
Hope this helped!
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i think a nice swoopy fringe and some long layers
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Cut it off.

Paint blue arrow on your head.

Air bend.

Become famous! :)
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