Dee as a Dark Brown Brunett....

What's better dark brown or black hair color???

Currently I am a Dark BLonde. I have been wanting a change but am nervous to take the plunge.
Thinking of going Dark Brown Or Black Hair Color. I think these darker shades bring out my hazels eyes more.
What do U think???
Would really luv to know your choice!!!!
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I would make sure to stick to a level 5 and no darker than. A medium level that contains warmth would be great for you.
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I think dark brown is a better bet. It will definitely bring out your hazel eyes and its a much softer color than black. Hope this helps!
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I personally think that highlights would be better than dying. I think to really bring out some more colour of your eyes, a reddy brown, or auburn would look nice. I think if you were to dye your hair brown, (I think black may be a bit harsh,) try highlighting it in red. ^^
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Coral Lips
Red highlights
A deep brown would suit you well. I think black can be tricky to pull off and can be harsh looking if your skin is lighter. The color you picked in your photo looks really nice on you!
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