What would you suggest for my hairstyle/makeup?

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Thank you all for your posts. Briana, I will try to follow your advice, thank you so much. And Steph, if you would, I'd really appreciate you giving me a makeover, thank you. I love the photos.
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Because of your face shape, I would suggest going for a long a-line bob. This sexy and sultry style can still look soft and flawy because of its length. I would go for longer layers framing the face to achieve a bang like fall while providing movement around the face. This will also help to elongate your face shape and cover some of your forehead. As for the makeup, I would suggest going for a dramatic eye as this will really flatter your new cut while drawing more attention to your already great eye shape. Contouring the cheekbones would really help in giving off a more oval face shape illusion. Because you will be leaving the drama to the eye area, I would suggest going with a nude lip as to not overwhelm the look. Enjoy your new style! Make sure to post after shots (;
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I think this is a cute cut for the Summer & won't require a lot of maintenance.
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