what wil help my split ends?

What wil help my split ends?

Ive bleached my hair so much+burned it its all so split, any good techniques/products?
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have a hair cut
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Oh no! What a bummer. First and foremost, you have to cut all the non repairable ends off. I know it may be hard to depart from them but they will only continue to split upward invading even more of your hair. Once you cave cut ll the dread, splitting nods you want to deep condition once a week. I personally really like "It's a 10" miracle mask. Its pretty true to its name believe it or not. If your hair is not improving within a month, you may want to consider getting a keratin treatment. These treatments replace all missing keratin protein from the hair shaft strengthening and repairing your hair's integrity from the inside out!
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I used a product by Kerastase to help with split ends and it was really good. It's called "Fibre Architecte" and it's a renovating dual serum for very damaged lengths and split ends. I didn't think my split ends were that bad but my hair stylist recommended it so must've been worse than I thought! Only downfall is that the product is pricey. I highly recommend it though!
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First, have those split ends trimmed; even if it means going shorter for a while. Once there's damage or breakage, then what happens, is that it just continues up the shaft; damaging the rest of your hair. Be careful about the way you handle your hair when it's wet. Don't brush it after shampooing. Instead use a wide toothed comb & gently comb through or just use your fingers to detangle. I would also recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase to reduce friction. Also, use a deep conditioner once a week-this should all help.
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