What type of hair cut would suit me?

I just a have long-ish side fringe and medium length hair but im sick of it!:( I Want a new , fun hairstyle but not short :P
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you would look awesome in an emu haircut thats edgy funky and sexy! you are way too young too go for a prissy precise style cut... thats boring! go for it
1 get something edgy assymetrical and makes a statement about you! fringe is wat too cute and emu cuts are so unique! look some up on line! definitely go with your personality!
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layers in the front and back:)
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If you don't wanna go too short you can take it up to the collar bone and add lots of layers starting at the nose. This will add movement and style to your 'do. Whenever you are ready to change that up, I would go for a pixie with the same full swooping side bang.
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A front fringe and layers will suit you.definately!
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