What type of hair cut should i get ?

I usually straighten my hair everyday.
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I would go for a longer side swept bang connecting into face framing layers. Add longer layers throughout the ends from about the shoulder blades all the way to through the ends to remove excess bulk and create movement. You can probably trim a little bit off the ends as well just to freshen them up.
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I really like the first look that @RubyDenise provided below.
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I agree with the pic below! The layers would be a great look for you.
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Your hair is so nice!!!!!!!!!! You should get a side fringe or full fringe. It looks like both of them would suit you
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You have really pretty hair.Try on this hairstyle,it will look very nice on you :)
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Your long hair is really pretty. Try adding a side swept bang similar to the picture attached. Use our "Makeover" tool to see what styles you like the best, it's a great way to see what looks best on you!
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shoulder-length is very flattering
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I think you could try this http://www.short-hairstyles.com/zoom/s140.jpg if you don't want to have to straighten your hair everyday.
Or try something like this: http://www.hairstylefreepictures.com/wp-content/gallery/bob-hairstyle/bob-hairstyle-for-thick-wavy-hair.jpg
I tried this and because your hair is a little curly I think it would give it more volume: http://www1.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Inspiration+Awards+Women+Arrivals+J-BSh55VLT5l.jpg
Here's a slightly longer pic :) http://www.kespia.com/pictures/sheridan_smith_.jpg

Hope I've helped!!
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front fringe (bangs) or thick side bangs, short layers front feathers and back straight.
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