What type of hair colour should i dye it

i have pale skin ,blue eyes and have a brown hair now and because of the sun i hair changed colour and i dont like it and as i finished school i can now dye it and i was thinking about a plum or deep red but as you see i want your advice because i want it to suit me so i'll upload a pic for your help thanks !
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Your colour is darling but i would recomend red velvet cupcake colour
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Yes! Go Blonde!
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Love the tie and dress shirt. If you want to deepen the base of your color, I would add a full head of lowlights going with a dark golden brown. I think reds may bring unwanted warm tones in your skin tone. You can always go with a reddish brown for the lowlights. Just be sure to stay away from anything too res or without a neutral brown undertone as well as from going solid. Dimension is key to suiting your skin tone the best.
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any fun cool tones would be great!
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I see golden blonde on you! Something lighter and brighter for summer!
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what about a deep mahogany red? I think it would look great with your skin tone!
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A plum tint would flatter you.
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hmm maybe red but i think you would suit blonde !
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your hair colour is darling but if you really want a plumy red i would go with this colour,TRY: Red velvet cupcake colour it is a lovely deep red it is beautiful! and DONT let the name put you off, look at the pic and see!
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red hair

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