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What to do with this boring hair?

It's all the same length, and I've been considering all kinds of hairstyles for a long time now, just can't seem to figure out what suits me haha, also the colour?
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You can pull off a nice bright copper or red really well! Maybe a few shades lighter than your current tone would be pretty. As for the cut, a nice softly swept side bang connected into the face framing layers will help to give you more style. You can even add several layers to the cut all around to remove some weight from the style creatine more movement and bounce. Style straight or with loose waves for a textured look. Layers are a great way to revamp your look while still maintaining your length however, make sure to trim your length up a smudge to remove any dry or damaged ends created by thermal stylers. Good luck!
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leave the length but you could get some preppy layers framin ur pretty face!!!!
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I would add bangs....a side swept bang would look really good. You could add some layers. I think the style in the pic I attached would look good but longer. I would keep the length but add layers. For color, I would just add some golden blonde highlights throughout!
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Layers are great but I would keep the length. I would look into different style braids! They are fun and can create so many looks and styles.
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You can still keep the length but cut some layers into it to give it some body and movement. I do agree some sort of fringe (bangs), maybe just a light side-swept one. I think you need to stay a darker colour but maybe just add some golden highlights?
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damn! i love your hair...but i sooooo no the feeling of wanting to do something different with your hair coz its been the same old same old for what feels like forever!!! i think you should leave the length but maybe get a fringe or something coz that would look really nice i think!!! ...:)
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wow, first of all am dead jealous of how thick and long your hair is :), don't cut it off but maybe look for some hairstyle ideas or get a side fringe
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Girl the first thing that came to my mind is bangs.Straight heavy bangs would be perfect on you.About the color,make it more red! ;)

This type of cut(ignore the color),r:7,s:0,i:77
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i think u should keed ur hair the way it is because you could realy do alot with it like a could get urself a donute bun and do a bun try new things with it hope this helped x
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