what to do with short hair on a hot day?!

What to do with short hair on a hot day?!

I have a short hair cut where the front is below my chin in length and the back becomes shorter with a side fringe (dark brown). I work in a spa which can get quite warm, which means if i ware it down it turns into a frizzy mess- not so good for a professional Spa therapist! I cant quite put all my hair in a bobble- bits at the bottom fall out. what can i do to make my hair look sleek and fashionable that wont take long in the morning?
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make ponnytail or brade
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I would go for a sleek back style with some height. Not only will this still look stylish but will also stay out of your way and keep you cool. It had been spotted in fashion a lot lately so you will fit right into the cutting edge of the industry as well!
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Use a headband or barettes and/or styling products to pull your hair off your face & neck.
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