What to do with my Bangs?

What to do with my bangs?

I have long heavy hair! but their look is spoiled because of my bangs! I have healthy long flicks but they dont stay in a straight shape , they get curved! i am thinking of changing them into Side fringes ! Please tell me , am i doing the right thing? or i should do something else with them?
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I always like to do a side braid lately! Also adding a wisp to the bang with a slight curl adds to the style too! I always like to make sure that my bangs hits the cheek bone so I have the length to be able to do many styles with! Good luck
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Judging by your profile pic, the side swept bang is very flattering on you. Perhaps just run a flat iron over them when you want a more straight shaped effect. This way you can have best of both worked while changing them up as often as you'd like.
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I used to have bangs, and I had the same problem, so I grew them out, al now they're kind of long and sideswept.
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I think the braided-bang is so cute and would look great on you!!!
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