Pink hair!!!!

What style of haircut should i get?

Im getting a haircut and i dont know what i should get. What would look good with my hair color?
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You have very cool hair! Perhaps something that adds more layers, volume and body to your style? good luck :)
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I think adding a heavy, choppy bang and layers beginning around the jawline would look fantastic! Ps. the magenta looks wonderful on you.
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I think something like this would suit you exactly.....try dis
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i think you should get a bob like katy perrys :) x
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Do. Not. Do. Bobs. Trust me. Ewzzz.
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I love the color! Tots my style! What I did with my hair is got a LOT of sharp layers and then even spike it on the top sometimes! It gives it an old school punk look that u can also leave down and have really awesome!
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short-ish hair and I also think you should ye it blonde with like black or dark brown underneath :)
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Try out the makeover section on this site to get an idea for different looks. Personally, I think your hair would look great in a mid-length bob-which are really trendy right now. I would also weave some of your natural color back into your hair for a multi-dimensional look. You can also pick up a current Instyle Magazine- Hair edition, and look through it for some inspiration.
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The A-Line bob, shoulder length would look so stylish and edgy with your hair color. Keep the front tips longer and angle it shorter towards the back. I love your hair straight!
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Hazel eyes, combination fair skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) straight hair
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