what style hair cut should i do?

What style hair cut should i do?

i have a staraight and oval face.
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Its very hard to say without knowing what your face shape, features are. If you could provide a photo of yourself that would help us better guide you if you prefer not to, you can always play around with the makeover tools to try on new styles and get a visual for what is most flattering on you!
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Oops!! Sorry, I didn't attach the a line cut. The blonde (Sheridan Smith) photo is a heavy side fringe of a crescent cut. ^^
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A Line cut
Well I guess that really depends on the length of hair that you have now. I think thick straight bangs always look good on oval faces. Layers are always a nice way to get either a smooth or edgy new look.

If you wanted something short, a heavy fringed pixie or an a line cut are really nice styles for a unique and edgy look. If you wanted something even more unique, a long boy cut is always good.

Here's a great image of Nick Wheeler, his layered hair is pretty cool ^^

I hope I've helped! =)
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Caramel Blonde Highlights
Sheridan Smith Heavy Side Crescent
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