what sort of fringe will suit my face?

What sort of fringe will suit my face?

i have had a side fringe for many years, although i wear it up a lot, but recently seeing celebrity's like Cheryl Cole rocking the full fringe look I've been thinking of having it cut like theirs. The problem is a few people have said it wont suit my face shape and will make me appear younger and larger. What do you guys think and what type of fringe should i get done?
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It really depends on the type of face shape you've got. If you have a round face shape, I would stay away from anything too heavy and full as this will indeed close off your face making it appear more round as well as give you a more youthful appearance. For an exact recommendation, please attach a photo or include a better description of your natural face shape.
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Can you upload a pic for us to evaluate?
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