What skintone is she considered medium ski ? medium-dark,olive, or tan?

my friend wants to die her hair but she dose not know what hair color will look good on her, she also has a lot of trouble understanding her skin tone and undertone just like as a friend i cannot help her because i cannot even help myself. what hair color should she dye it? what skin tone does she have? and what undertone?
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What a pretty girl. I would say her skin tone is a medium olive with reddish undertones. I would suggest just a few shades lighter yet staying in the brown family. A neutral brown would look great on her while flattering her features and coloring and providing her with a different look all at the same time! She can even leave out a few strands of her current darker shade for contrast and dimension.
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Warm refers to there being more yellow in the skin, than pink.
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by warm you mean; golden, yellow, red, or olive?
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by warm undertone do you mean...golden,yellow,or olive? because they all fall into this catagory.
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She has medium skin tone, so she should dye her hair chocolate brown, mahagoney or maybe black.
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Your friend has a medium to dark complexion with warm undertones. Basically her skin is medium during the winter, but probably becomes very dark in the Summer. She'd look great with some carmel highlites:)
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