dark brown hair

What should i do with my hair?

its not actually this colour atm its blonde but it will be dark brown soon. im bored of my hair, i always have it the same every day and have done for about 2 years. i recently spent a lot of money on some 18inch hair extensions and i love them so nobody suggest to get it cut shorter. im just looking for new ideas on how to wear it differently ie. quiff, fringe clipped or pushed back? ideas for what you think would look nice please!x
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maybe backcomb the top layers of your hair, not to much, just enough to give it a bit of volume, and add some loose curls to the ends of your hair :) or even get the whole top layer of your hair, and make it into to a quiff put curls with it aswell :) it would make you look alot older i think :)
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Adding face framing layers will help to spic up your look and give you a bit of a change without compromising your length . A think a very light bang will also be very flattering.
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Your hair is perfect for some beachy waves! Get some Wave Spray, (I like Fekkai Tousled Wave Spray.....from Ulta). Spray on damp hair, use fingers to shape loose, tousled waves. You can also wear it half-up/half-down with some sleek bangs in front. A low side braid would also look darling! Lots of fun things to do with your length!
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Try styling it into waves/light curls! It's a perfect look for the season :)
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Hey! My name is Dorothy Zakool and I'm a fashion expert. I've recently had articles in Seventeen Magazine. I highly suggest that you purchase some Quick N' Easy Hair Foam, then do a quick French braid. After the braid, take it out and rub butter in it (gross I know but its a good technique: it moisturizes and gives your hair a shine).
Also, if you are looking to maybe dye your hair, I would go with a dark deep red or platinum blonde with blue highlights for an edgy look.
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I think it might look cute curly.
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get it layered with side bangs:)
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You should clip half of it up and tease the hair below, then unclip the hair and it will automatically look more volumised, before you let it down, hair spray it. Also when you straighten it curl it under at the bottom that looks real nice. Put it in a quiff by selecting the section of hair youbwant quiffed and tease the back of it then push it forward and grip it in place with about 2 or three bobby pins, ow hairspray
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