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What should i do with my hair?

I have a chesnut toned hair that goes just past my shoulders. When I wake up in the morning I don't have much time to get ready. How can I style my hair quickly and still have it look good?
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I think if you parted your hair to one side, curled just the tips so it's wavy, and then clip up one section on the side that you parted more hair, it'd be really cute!!
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Thanks guys!
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Braids are always a quick fizz as well as high messy buns and messy side ponytails. Another great way to frees up your look is by implementing head dress/ accessories to your 'do.
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I would look into creative ponytails. Also if you have time at night to set you hair in soft rollers. In the morning take the out and your good to go with waves or curls.
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