what should i do with my hair?!

What should i do with my hair?!

what should i do with my hair.. its think its long abit, and its so aanoying i need to kno what to doo because my hair takes long to curl and never straightssss arghh !
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Adding layers will help a tone. You can take some of the length up but if you don't want to cut too much layer are a great way to remove the excess bulk and give it more style. This will be very pretty and light for the hotter months as well as really reduce your styling time.
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I too have thick long curly hair.
I would cut a few inches off of it and add layers. Also too have your stylist thin out the hair too! It help with styling time and the weight off of the head is really nice too.
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if youve got hair thats neither curly or straight or confused and both (like mine) maybe just do multiple highlights and a triple layer. I did that on myself once. The key is to shape it for YOUR face and dont copy someone elses haircut. Wherever your best feature is on your face, thats where to put volume, and where you need volume, cut a strand. It may be uneven completely straight but its totally sexy.
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