What should i do with my hair?

I don't look good with a fringe/bangs, and don't want short hair, but I want something different and don't know what to do with my hair, any ideas?
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Layers are always an effective way to change up your style. If you are not a fan of bangs, I would gofer shorter layers around the face. Starting them right about lip length and connecting all the way down to the ends would really help to create more body and style surrounding the face. You can also add layers through the length beginning about the back of the neck and gradually getting longer foam there down to the ends. This will really help to revamp your current 'do and give off a new style feel.
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I think that you should go honey blonde! It'll make you look really tan too :)
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Do you just want a different style? I mean, instead of straight and loose? There are tons of different styles you can do: braids, buns, ponytails, etc. But, if you're wanting difference in color, some highlights would look great on you.
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Get your hair wavy and put 2 shades lighter Highlights and it will look beautiful
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Try a medium length hair cut, with an angled side bang. I think that would look great on you. Who needs long hair in the middle of July, Right??? It'll grow back before the year is up.
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I think you would look great with side bangs....Bring the length up and angle the bangs into the sides. I think your current style is elongating your face. Add some texture/volume to the sides. The photo attached would be a cute cut on you!
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