What should i do with my hair?

I'm bored of just wearing my hair down and straight but I don't know what else to do with it. My hair is now a few inches long than on this photo but it is the only recent one I have. Any ideas? Thanks guys
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Your hair is super cute in this style! I'd just trim it short's so unique :)
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Lovely bangs for sure........but yes you can alter this style into something like this in the picture..........your hair color matches the picture and i think this style will be perfect for you
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long straight hair style
You can go in with a large wand or big barrel curling iron to add softness and bounce. It is a lot faster than using the straightener as well so it will make the hotter months to come not so dreadful when it comes to styling.
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For one, very cute hairstyle! But Also try curls! With short hair can be super sassy and cute. Theres a youtube video on how to curl it with a straightener, It wont look exactly like hers it will actually be alot cuter but she just shows you the gist of it. Good luck hon!
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Cute style! Try a headband or pulling your bangs back for a different look. A low ponytail is stylish with some of your bang left out.
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If your hair has only gotten a couple of inches longer their is nothing much you can do. First i would suggest NOT thining out your bangs because it males yout eyes POP out, and that is a really good facial feature to have. But you should think about getting your highlights more of a lighter blonde, and also thicker highlights. Or i would suggest having the underneath and roots of your hair dyed blonde. SInce your hair is kinds of short i would cut it into a style like this in this photo!!
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Cute hairstyle for girls with short hair:)
If your hair is a few inches longer than in the picture, you might be able to put it into a French twist. Check out the YouTube, for some how to videos. I would also suggest having your bangs thinned out a bit. They're so heavy, they're overpowering your face.
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