What should i do with my hair? cause it is has too much volume.

I don't want to use a straightener anymore because i'm afraid about losing my hair. Please help me !!!! What should i do with it?
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ur hair has too much volume..??oo u are lucky..l love to have those kind of hair and l dont have them..do not try anything on ur hair cause you can destroy them ..ur hair are perfect..
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Girl! I think your hair is absolutely lovely!!! You wear it quite well. If the amount of volume is bothering you I would simply add product to it before letting it air dry. My hair is very similar to your when dried naturally and it is definitely hard to find products you love. A few of my favorite for naturally air dried styles are MorrocanOil Curl Cream, Sexy Hair Beach Spray & Sexy Hair frizz eliminator. I think you will really love these options. My hair is very thick and heavy, if yours is more on the thin or fine side, you can do the MorrocanOil styling cream or the frizz eliminator lite instead. The beach spray is still fine to use on either texture. Whatever you do, do NOT cut shorter layers! The shorter you go, the more volume you will create.
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Possibly a keratin treatment, its not as harmful as a relaxer
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You have beautiful hair! I would just get it thinned out a bit at hairdressers, and maybe get a side bang. Caramel highlites would look good on you too. I have the same problem. My hair is so thick! I use leave in conditoning treatments and get it thinned out whenever it starts getting to be too much.
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you should just find a chemical and then put it every night and after you take a shower:)
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get 100% clear aloe vera lotion and after a shower while your hair is still wet comb it straight and put on the aloe vera a silver coin size workes but if it is thick maybe more the aloe vera gets crispy and stiff and since it is on straight combed hair it makes the hair dry straight then when its dry comb it out and its silky soft too!
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You can ask your hairdresser to do some undercutting to debulk your hair. I would also suggest using a shampoo with argan oil, this will decrease the frizziness & your hair will be smoother & fall straighter.
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