What should i do to my hear?

i'd like to change color
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I think a medium warm brown would look great on you and would really flatter your skin tone. You can even add golden blond ends to the new warm tone to achieve the Ombre effect.
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I think some blonde or light brown highlights would look nice, or maybe a cooper tone to it, since you have a nice tan complexion. I don't think blonde full head, unless it was a dark ash blonde with chocolate brown low lights.
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I think few higlights would be great for you,and I think you should get a haircut,something that will give you more volume :)
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nice but change the make-up
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You could opt for a lighter brown shade or some carmel highlights. I suggest trying the "Makeover" tool for some color ideas!
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Why don't you go to the makeover section and try your photo with some different hair colors. Then resubmit your question as a vote.
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