What should i do to my hair?

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I would suggest adding some heavier side bangs as well as shorter layers beginning around the check area. You can also add some brightness to the all over look by adding some thin naturally woven blond highlights. This will really achieve contrast and dimension to your look as well as help bring the eyes out more.
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your hair seems to be golden blonde so you get get highlights of platinum blonde i guess that would look superb
-hope this helped :)
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I could see you in a bob style hair cut. Maybe with layers and a full bang. Also highlights can change a look too. Let's us know what you decided.
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The chocolate brown from your photo below looks great on you! I also think you could add a side swept bang, (the full fringe looks cute on you too)! I can see you in an A-line bob.....the pics that @beckysharp25 posted would look good! Try using the "Makeover" tool for some more ideas!
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You remind me of Reese Witherspoon so I think a short blond crop would look lovely on you! But you also look like you'd suit a chocolate brown colour too... Choices choices! You mix these two pictures up and go for short brown or mid length blonde! :) You could always just try some lowlights or highlights first and then develop the colour after a trial!
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