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What should i do to make myself prettier

I think everything about me is unattractive ~ what can i do ?
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What you can do is get some confidence! You are beautiful girlie! Nothing about you is unattractive! You're beautiful just the way you are!
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Well honey first of all your not unattractive. Your very beautiful. But the only way you're gonna think you're pretty is having self good self esteem in yourself.
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you're beautiful!!!!!!
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you are not unattractive maybe use scrub and get a nice haircut but that's it
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You are pretty!!!!!! I agree with @RubyDenise, a smile can help! Don't be so hard on yourself! You are a beautiful girl!
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You are very pretty! Try a bit of bronzer for a nice, healthy glow. Add a lip tint or gloss and that's all you need! You have beautiful skin and nice, big eyes. Play up your eyes with dark brown liner and deep plum shadows.
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i think you are pretty baby (: but im sure you could be even prettier. I think that maybe you should wear eyeliner, but dont over do it just make it noticeable. And also maybe a new haircut, try adding volume to your hair and adding some cool effects. Ex: get side bangs, get highlights and as I said before a very nice haircut. And try adding more lipgloss too! And sometimes you can wear a little bit of mascara. And dont forget hair accessories too!! Choose very colorful once that will stand out. Good luck (:
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First of all, don't be so hard on yourself. You actually have really pretty, soft feminine features & bone structure. I think you'd look absolutely great with a little bronzing powder, navy mascara & lip gloss. Consider one of the trendy long bobs for Summer; to really show off your beautiful face shape & jaw line. Here are some ideas:
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