What should i do? DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!

What should i do? desperate need of help!

okay so about three weeks ago i had my hair bleached BC i wanted highlights. well the first time it didn't turn out good, so we bleached it again & I didn't like it.. i waited like a week & then i went & got it dyed red. i have really bad split ends & now i want a perm.. should i get a perm after all the chemicals that have been put in my hair already? or should i just keep flat ironing it (which i hate doing BC it breaks my hair & if i get a PERM i would go 6 Months without putting any CHEMICALS on my hair, or a FLAT IRON) HELP ME!
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Also it might help to switch over to a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner as well as a heat styling prep (like Moroccan Oil).
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No perm! Because of the excessive processes your ends will go straight which means you will have curls half way down and straight the other half (not cute). I wold suggest a keratin treatment. This will not only help to repair some of the damage but will soften and relax the hair as well allowing you to not need to thermally style your hair as often. Be aware that you are able to overlap keratin and bleach where as when a perm and bleach are combined, causes a reaction creating even more damage to your already sensitized tresses.
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No, a perm will absolutely trash your hair at this point. I would suggest a Kertain protein treatment for your hair instead.
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