What shall i do with my hair?

I have this awkward non-style. My hair is about an inch longer than the photo now, but still with the slight ombre at the ends (I bleached the ends last summer and it's nearly grown out) I had a full fringe earlier this year and it doesn't really suit me because my face is a bit chubby at the minute. Any suggestions for a bit more of a style that i can still shove up in a bun when I need to would be fantastic!
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If you are growing out a fringe, I would suggest angling the growing bangs into more of aside swept bang then connect down to the ends. This will create face framing layers that will really look more styled as well as really bring out your dip dyed ends. If you add layers all throughout the interior of the cut, you will not only have a style with more movement and body but will definitely still be able to pull it up and out of your face. I would start these layers no shorter than jawline so that they are able to be pulled up without falling out of your bun.
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I would do more of a side bang....the 1st pic below is a fun, layered cut with short, wispy bangs. The second pic would work for you if you keep the bangs really light and off to one side.
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I would suggest having your hairstylist cut an asymmetrical bang into your hair. This will make it easier as it grows out. You could also braid your bangs; for a fun summer look. I have attached some pics:
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