What product should i use for lightening my hair?

So I dyed my hair last week, and the result was a strawberry blonde shade. My mom and I were pondering on which product we should use if I were to lighten my hair to a blonde. She says I could maybe use Born Blonde, or hair bleach, but I'm not sure how safe that is for the health of my hair. I'm looking for a nice vanilla blonde, as pictured. Thanks! :)
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Effasol is usually pretty productive. You may also want to pick up a deep mast to re-nourish your hair and re-hydrate (2x/month) after lightening. If you aren't looking to lift more than a shade, you can mix it with shampoo and leave in the shower for 5-10 mins for a fast shade of lift.
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I heard beauty supply stores are great if you're looking for a variety of hair bleaches to choose from. I'd go online and do some research beforehand though!
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I'd wait at least 2 weeks before processing my hair again since you just got your hair done last week. If you're going for a lighter color, i'd suggest going to get it professionally done, as it's really hard to do it yourself if you've never done it before.
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I would stay clear of hair bleach. The best would be to have a color specialist do your hair, you will get the best result if you're looking to go to the vanilla blonde.
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in my opinion you have to bleach you re hair like you re mother say then choose the exact colour you want and dye. I know you are worried about you re hair but you just bleach 1 time..and if you go to the hairdresser they can do some treatment to not damage the hair!
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You need to have this done at a salon by a professional, otherwise you risk breakage and damage to your hair. If money is an issue for you, seek out a cosmetology school in your area. Their prices are very reasonable; about $20-$30 for hair coloring- and you'd be getting the expertise of the instructor.
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I think you should wait a month or so, then dye it, but in the meantime, you should look at other colors and styles here on TAAZ.
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