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What new style should i have

I've had this look since forever, and I don't know what to do with it!! Could you please give some advice? Should I dye my hair? What kind of make-up would look suitable on me?
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Your hair looks to be pretty thick and heavy. I would recommend spicing up your style with lots longer layers. Start your layers no higher than jawline that way they don't spring up too much. Connect them all the way down to the ends. These layers will really help to remove excess weight and bulk and give you a more manageable look. Because of the way your hair naturally falls, I would suggest cutting a side bang as well. If you are really looking for a fun change, go for a full straight across bang. You can pull it off well with your face shape.
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I like your hair, but a little lighter would be pretty. Makeup wise, I think you can play up your features with a rosy lip color and some shimmery shadow.
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You could do a style similar to the pic attached.....maybe just add some golden blonde highlights for a fresh look. Try some plum, deep purple eyeshadow paired with a deep brown liner and mascara. Bronzer would add a nice, healthy glow and a lip tint in a berry color.
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you can take some highlights just two tones lighter than the color you already got and shorten them a little and add some bangs like Reese Withrspoon
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Your hair looks very thick & heavy. I would have your hairdresser do some undercutting to make it thinner. I have the same type of hair; it's just too hot and sweaty for the summer. I would go for one of those trendy bobs that are so in right now. I would suggest highlites rather than hair color. You don't want the roots-too expensive/too time consuming.
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I like you length. I would maybe add a swept bang and try some highlights. Do you have a natural curl to your hair? I would play up the curl too
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