my hair right now. minus the pink

What kind of hairstyle should i get?

I want to change my hairstyle for the summer but i don't know what to get. like bangs,long bangs, no bangs? shorter? how short?
This is my hair right now without the pink. sorry for the ugly pic.
Any advice is appreciated :)
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I think you shouldn't go too short but an inch or two below you're chin and layers like reece would look good and a long side bangs would look nice with this!
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witherspoon reese 2008 nov cma1
I think a full fringe would suit you, but about the same length as you currently have. Curls or waves would make your style more summery :)
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I completely agree with @RubyDenise. I would go for the middle Emma Watson look
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get kourtny kardashian hair for that chic edgy look side packed with full fringe
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I would go for a more drastic side swooping bang. Start the angle parallel to the brow and angle all the way down to the ends. This will help to create more face framing layers as well, giving off more style and body to your look.
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I would suggest a long bob with side bangs. I think it would look awesome on you and you look beautiful, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.
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I think you should get bangs across your forehead, grow your hair out a little bit. You could dye it or highlight it, and then if you have a curler make your hair wavy, and trust me this pic looks fine it is not ugly.
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