What kind of haircut should I get?

What kind of haircut should i get?

I am over weight and my face is very round. At the momento my hair is straight and long. should I get a short cut?
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If you are looking to go shore, go for it! Face shape and or weight should not hold you back. Just keep in mind a few helpful hints... Make sure to either go over the ears or under the chin. Anything framing the face too much will only accentuate the roundness of your face shape. Normally if not over the ears, collar bone length is the most flattering. Angling the back down to the front is also effective as is having a little bit of a side bang to offset your face shape giving off a more oval illusion.
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Layers would look perfect on you...!
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You can go shorter, but not too short. I would say medium length or so. Tell your hairdresser, you would like layers that de-emphasize your facial roundness.
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I think if you wanted a new short cut go with an a line or crescent. I think layers really flatter round faces, I have a friend who has a really round face and she recently layered her hair, giving her a more unique, sorta punk look which looked amazing.

I also think side bangs are pretty cool; or just thick bangs and a layered bob. ^^
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A Line cut
Sheridan Smith Heavy Side Crescent
Caramel Blonde Highlights
since you are over weight and yu have a round face, i would prefer you to, cut your hair to a medium length.. dont make your hair too short in the front, or els it will make your head look even biggerrr !!!
get a step cut or layers ! if you're doing layers,then gt it from your shoulders :)
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