What kind of hair would make me look older

hello im sixteen years old and i have long thick reddish brown hair that falls to just underneath my bust .im constantly mistaken for 12 years old and as an aspiring actress i want to be taken more seriously and get roles more suited to my age .i dont want ridiculously short choppy hair because i dance aswell .any advice would be great oh and i have an oval shaped face.below i have attatched a picture of me with all my hair off my face
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I would keep it long but you could certainly take it up a few inches or so. Add a side bang....I attached 2 photos, I like the layers in the 1st style and the 2nd style would give you more of a mature, yet stylish look.
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I would suggest a sophisticated shorter haircut/style. If you dance, who needs the sweat on your neck? Plus we're going we're going into Summer.
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I'd say get a side cut fringe like the one in the pic but straighten your hair but leave the fringe and I would also die your hair a quite dark brown- I think it would suit you.
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I wouldn't necessarily go super short, However, a mid length cut will help you. I would trim the ends up to a couple inches below the collar bone. This length will still permit you to wear it up while dancing. Adding some medium layers will look great as well. I would start them around the lip connecting all the way down to the ends in the front. As for the back of the head, Id start the layering at the nape. These layers will really help to add more movement and bounce to your style providing you with a more mature look. Good luck to you!
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get your hair cut in layers with side swept bangs, and then get some Hollywood curls in them, i would keep your natural hair color but advance the red in it with some henna shampoo (like garnier ultra doux)
And you can use makeup to make you look older too, i think you should go for pinup look
I hope it helped!
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