What kind of hair style would it look good on me?

what goes better with my face ?
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i love your hair you shouldnt cut any of it off your really lucky! more layers would look nice `& and maybe some brown streeks (not dark brown .. but not light brown) in between : allthou you could do anything because your really pretty anyway !
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Because of your naturally curly hair texture, I would only add some layers to compliment and shape the style better. I really like the amount of body you get. It is very sexy. You can also add a few pieces of a lighter brown in throughout the mid lengths and ends just to add some contrast and definition to your solid brunette hair color.
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I like the length and volume. You could angle the side bang more and add some more layers. It's very pretty on you!
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I like your hair this style, but if you're looking for a change, I'd add in more bangs. I think you'd look great with either side swept or front bangs.
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Your hair looks really nice now. You are beautiful, so alot looks would work well. I submitted some looks to so you can get some ideas.
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I love your hair its awesome!
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If I were you, I would go with one of these styles:
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I love your hairstyle in this picture! I think it is very flattering on you, lots of volume...I love it!
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