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What is your experience with these hair dyes?

As I am almost 60 years of age I have considerable grey hair. I would like to color it something of a strawberry blond. I was asking how a temporary hair dye would work, and I was advised only a permanent dye would work but I could use a rinse to get an idea of the color.

I came across L'Oreal Excellence Creme Resistant Gray on the Internet that states it is effective on grey hair. It looks as if I should use dark blond. Of course, then there will be the problem of roots. I found L'Oreal Paris Root Rescue, which claims it is also effective with grey hair.

What is your experience with these two products, particularly on grey hair? And are there any alternatives you might suggest?
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I have gone to Sally's number of times to get nail polish and related items for myself and makeup items for my wife. I have always been treated with respect.

I really appreciate your answer with the URL's for recommended dyes at Sally's as well as tips of how to handle touchups. I used to apply touchups to my ex-wife where she had her hair bleached from black to blonde. At least I won't be in that situation with dark blond or light brown.

Thanks ever so much.

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Attached is a picture with my natural hair color

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Thanks, Carolyn.

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I wish I could be more help! Unfortunately, I have no experience with store bought brands, only professional lines. You may want to go in to a Sally's beauty supply and ask one of the ladies there. They will be able to give you the run down on all their different lines as well as point you in the right direction as far as product line options.
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natural instincts will cover grey but it lacks shine too blah!
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go to loreal .com go to red blonde shade in excellence and preference products read the reviews for these colors! any red will fade faster than any other color but you will want a soft color to not be too harsh... my exp with med or dark blondes over the counter... they look muddy dark and unnatural! do not use them! strawberry would be soft and pretty i use the loreal red blonde and its pretty but fades but it makes my skin prettier and softer! just go to loreal there are reviews for covering gray~! ive tried all types of products! you will find the perfect red blonde and it comes out shiny not blah! let me know how fabulous you look!
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I personally haven't tried those two products, but really liked Natural Instincts (I think it's by Clairol?). It's so much less harmful to the hair and leaves it less damaged/brittle after coloring. I have tried another line in the L'Oreal hair color, and while they worked well, I think the concentration of ammonia is considerably higher...and my hair felt a bit dry and brittle at the ends. Good luck with the coloring!
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