What is the best way to scrunch your hair without it being frizzy??

What is the best way to scrunch your hair without it being frizzy??

How to get hair unfrizzy but curly??
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I like to do it while my hair is still slightly damp. The dampness helps the hair from getting as frizzy when you're scrunching your hair. Work some mousse into the hair and scrunch accordingly.
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Although there are several great products out on the market to help eliminate frizz, I have yet to find one that I have no complaints about, until recently! I just tried Healthy Sexy Hair's soy renewal beach spray. It is the best, by far! Not only does it really help with frizz, but it also created the perfect wave with minimal styling. I sprayed it onto damp hair and scrunched with a towel and my hands to remove the excess moisture and to create a more defined curl pattern then just allowed it to air dry. It was that easy! After even reapplying the following day, I was still able to brush out and curl, without washing first on the third day. I could not believe how impressed I was with this great new summer huts have!
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After washing your hair, use paper towels to dry it. You will have to buy a good brand, because the cheap ones will just fall apart. Then take the towels and gently squeeze the water out. The roughness of regular bath towels are what's roughing up the hair cuticles; creating the frizziness. I would also recommend an anti-freeze serum, but don't over use it, because then it just weighs the hair down. You can pick one up at the drugstore or WalMart for $5-$6.
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